Kumu. Founder.

A creative community of world changers.

Kumu is a nonprofit innovation lab and accelerator at the intersection of meaning and foresight
At Kumu we incubate and accelerate new models, narratives, and ideas that transform the cultural paradigms of our time. We seek a quantum leap for a just, wise, life-sustaining and ardent society. Fiscal Sponsor and Innovation Partner: Buckminster Fuller Institute

Kumu ThriveTM.  Founder.

Kumu ThriveTM is a for-profit spin-off of Kumu.

We are a transformative, capacity building firm. We work at the intersection of meaning, innovation, and foresight to unleash the world-changing potential of our client’s platforms.
Meaning Driven InnovationTM is about leveraging your organization’s strengths to create solutions that respond to the emerging competitive landscape of the Meaning Economy.



Midway. Founding Team Member.

Midway Journey is a transmedia art project led by Chris Jordan to witness the catastrophic effects of our disposable culture on the albatross colonies of the remote Pacific island of Midway, while exploring the multiple layers of metaphor that converge there. A feature film (of which I am an Associate Producer) is scheduled for theatrical release in 2015, and it is poised to become a cultural landmark: 20+ million views of the trailer, 30+ million views for related media, and 50,000+ small donations received online


Plastic Kills / El Plástico Mata. Founder

Plastic Kills is a hydra of multilingual websites and social media shining light on the real impacts of the misuse of plastic on the environments and human health. With a striking logo and straightforward language, PlasticKills, promotes a safer and wiser use of plastics.  Plastic Kills was prototyped first in Spanish Language (El Plástico Mata), and it attracted 3 million media hits in its first month of existence. Stay tuned for more languages to roll out.

Plastic Pollution Coalition. Cofounder

Plastic Pollution Coalition is a coalition of organizations, businesses and individuals sharing the goal of a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. Member organizations (over 150 from all over the world) include Greenpeace USA, Surfrider Foundation, Conservation International, Breast Cancer Fund, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Algalita Marine Research Foundation, Environment California, and many more. Full list here. Notable supporters include: Rosanna Arquette, Ed Begley, Jr., Jackson Browne, Laura Dern, Danny Glover, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Bonnie Raitt, Tim Robbins, Kelly Slater, ans many others. Full list here. Advisors include: Sylvia Earle (oceanographer, National Geographic, NOAA); Fabien Cousteau, oceanographer; Captain Charles Moore (pioneer in the study of plastic pollution and Founder, Algalita Marine Research Foundation). Wallace J Nichols (author BlueMind, member of the California Academy of Sciences); Claudia Welss, founder, Next Now Collaboratory,… Full lists here and here. Fiscal Sponsor: Earth Island Institute

Deep Hush. Cofounder.

Deep Hush is an immersive performance piece and a campaign weaving together dance, music and marine bioacustics in oder to create heart-mind-body awareness around ocean noise pollution and its devastating effects on whales, dolphins and other marine life. Silence and the cello of Michael Fitzpatrick mingle with the sounds of marine mammals and man made noise in an immersive setting.  The dance of Raquel Boluda brings these elements together, allowing the audience to experience the effects of ocean noise on their own physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. To be produced internationally at aquariums, conferences and other venues.



BlooSee. Partner.

BlooSee (now a part of SmartSea) is a a technology company harnessing the best ocean information and making it accessible and useful. BlooSee’s vision is a world where everyone with a passion for the ocean can access trusted, up-to-date information anytime, anywhere. The ocean is the planet’s living support system. BlooSee ia a platform to foster a sustainable enjoyment of the oceans. I was a Vice President of Community and Strategy, then Strategy Advisor, and now I am a Partner. In 2015 BlooSee was acquired by SmartSea.